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Software Development

Software development is the key to success in this highly competitive world of business. From banking, stock trades, ticketing, retail, cellular etc., everything is supported by a software program. Offshore Software development provides solutions to company(s) that reduce manpower, paperwork, monitoring, time and above all ensures transparency in all activities.

We at JaxBird recognize the importance of custom software development and offer offshore software services that provide cutting edge solutions utilizing the latest technology. Our company has aqualified and experienced team of offshore software professionals with varied domain knowledge and expertise that will add value and provide a competitive & distinct advantage in custom software development services. Our software development company offers onsite and offsite / outsourcing services including offshore services in a professional and cost effective manner.

Our custom software development process involves active discussions with the clients through a well-thought out process involving active consultation, participation and involvement of all stakeholders. The most important part of the software development process is the medical development of the application or software system into a software product that meets the requirements of the customers.

Application development is associated with higher responsibility as it requires capturing and testing techniques also. Customers look for appropriate and exact software solution and are always obsessed by the latest in technology. We keep upgrading our application development services for increased functionality expectations and to protect against constantly evolving threats.


Maintaining and upgrading is a continuous process that starts after the development and implementation of the software product. With rapid technological advancement, every business needs to upgrade its software application to meets the changing environment. On the other hand, with new bugs and problems arising day-by-day, continuous maintenance is essential for software applications. We develop software products with quality system architecture that can be easily maintained and upgraded as per future requirements.